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Public Bar


The Outernet

Wed 12 Jun

Wednesday, 12 Jun 2024
Supported by 2 SETS
Doors at 07:00pm

In the ever-evolving landscape of progressive jazz rock, a new force has emerged that's bound to turn heads and redefine musical boundaries.

Led by the visionary keyboardist and composer Phil Turcio, 'The Outernet' stands as a testament to the boundless creativity that can flourish when like-minded virtuosos come together.

With Phil Turcio at the helm, Pete Drummond on drums, Pete Mollica on bass, and the promising newcomer Emilio Kormanic on guitar, the ensemble weaves an intricate tapestry of sound that defies categorisation.

Come and join 'The Outernet' on this mesmerising odyssey into the uncharted sonic universe they've crafted with skill, passion, and relentless creativity.