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Skyscraper Stan 'Down The M8' Single Launch

Sat 01 Jun

Saturday, 01 Jun 2024
Supported by With - Special Guests
Doors at 08:00pm

Skyscraper Stan and the Commission Flats let us know the things they’ll do for love with “Down The M8”, the next single taken from the forthcoming 3rd studio album due this August through Cheersquad Records & Tapes.

Skyscraper Stan and the Commission Flats continue to display the pedigree their reputation affords with another standout gem from the expat New Zealander’s well-thumbed songbook. “Down The M8” again finds the writer and his cohort difficult to pin down by any genre other than classic, as Stan resists his aversion to writing love songs, admitting that, “for a long time I resisted writing them. I always said there were so many other things to write about. Maybe I’d just never had the right kind of love”. Nawww…

Captured at Melbourne’s Head Gap studio, with the Commission Flats painting in warm vintage hues, Stan details the lengths (about 110 kms, actually) that he and his partner are willing to travel for love. “Down the M8 is a song about the things we do for love”, Stan explains.

“When my partner and I first got together I was living in Ballarat, and she was living in Melbourne. For six months or so, we would take turns driving the M8 so we could spend weekends together. We called it ‘Crossing the Desert’ - an inside joke that gets a nod in the first verse”.

Then adding, “usually, if I write a song about a relationship, it’s about a fractious one, but not this time. Down the M8 is a celebration. It's a straight-up love song”.

After the release of his recent single “Strange Things Happen” and the triumphant micro tour through the front bars of Melbourne’s inner North where the buzz in each bulging barroom was indeed palpable, “Down The M8” has been road tested (sorry) for danceability, with Stan confirming that, “it came to me easily and feels great to play. It’s a real hit in the live set and gets the dance floor moving every time”.

With the tide on global awareness for Skyscraper Stan and the Commission Flats extended by the songs “I Fell Over” and “Always Thinking of You” featuring on the first season of the TV series Colin From Accounts, and a further tune "21st Century Lullaby" featuring in season 2, “Down The M8” is further proof that the forthcoming Skyscraper Stan album will be more reason for us Australians to claim another New Zealander as our own!

Skyscraper Stan and the Commission Flats launch "Down The M8" on June 1st at the Evelyn Hotel.

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