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Osaka Punch 'Mixed Ape' Tour

Sat 18 Nov

Saturday, 18 Nov 2023
Supported by Special Guests
Doors at 08:00pm

Legends of wild, hairy humanoid creatures exist in cultures around the world. Dubious evidence surfaces now and again; blurry photographs, hair samples, footprints, followed closely by sceptics heard hollering “hoax” and “man in a suit”. Until today…

Osaka Punch and the legend of the MIXED APE, commonly known as "The New Album", is a family of large and hairy human-like mythical creatures that inhabit the forests of SE Queensland, particularly in the suburbs of Jamboree Heights and Camp Hill. Claims of “New Album” date back to 2017, when wild howls of How We Operate first emerged, before 2019’s Hall Of Shame and Drones haunted the residents of Brisbane.

With the release of new single Simulate and now national album tour details revealed, the legend of Osaka Punch's MIXED APE is alive.

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