Ft. Baymaree, Bitch Diesel, Easy Browns, Gonzo, Hannah Kate, Kosmetika, Messy Mammals, Tapdog

Presented on the lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation, we will not forget that sovereignty over the land has never been ceded,and we stand with our indigenous peoples in their ongoing fight against the oppression that colonialism and greed has brought to this place amongst many others.
Queens birthday long weekend approaches, and so we prepare ourselves for another boogie of the ages, the annual God Shave The Queen, drawing the quirkiest citizens of Naarm to a single locale in the name of love and pure expression through art.

We have such a bang-on lineup for you this year, its has our booties quivering in anticipation, our feet a-tapping as memories of previous years celebrations come to mind, sweet nostalgia baby!

Bitch Diesel
Bodacious babes of rock and roll, masters of manner, psyched out with enough wit and grit to keep you pushing to the front of stage to witness these pash-rats do their magic thing.

Easy Browns
Formidable in presence these ratbags stand to be one of the most prolific and potent music machines around the traps of today, hard hitting yet hearty and wholesome, come watch the farmers of the fourth dimension channel their seemingly limitless energy for your pleasure.

Four clean and strong young gentlemen bringing punchy punk grooves to you at an reasonable but raucous pace, they won’t blow your head off, they’ll just invade your noggin with viciously catchy compositions.

Hannah Kate
The unruly unshaven queen of indie, power and poise in one powerful package, Hannah Kate’s tracks flow with crafty changes and sweet soaring melodies. There is so much to love about this badass and her tight and talented band featuring members of Tram Cops, Tali Mahoney, The Sunken Sea and Pseudo Mind Hive.

Mild and moving, chords from the lords of smooth. Kaipora are the fresh and fruity new crew that will hoist your heartstrings this way and that with a lovely lighthearted presence.

Mysterious Matroyshki of taste, a strong blend of flavourful pop and psych these lusciously layered tunes will leave you in a stupefied state of calm and fulfilment.

messy mammals
Soulful synth-y and splendid. “Uhhhh can i get seven pieces of pure boogie goodness with lashings of grandiose grooves” YEAH you can, for sure! Everyones going to be there and they all can’t wait to see you!

The very first public performance by an unruly group of humans. Tapdog is all about weird displaced rock feels behind a charming and captivating veil of musical madness.

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$15 via Oztix
$15 Door
DOORS – 8:00pm

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